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About me
Steffan Venema Hello, my name is Steffan. I am a game developer in the making.
When I was twelve years of age I started getting more into computers and taught myself HTML and CSS and started developing simle websites.
I soon got bored by making static websites and by then I was also running my own minecraft server. So I started teaching myself php and made my own forum for that minecraft server.

Around 2 years later I stopped running my own minecraft servers and started to work on a bigger one with some others. That server was a roleplay server in which people could roleplay in a big open world game. I was the technician on that server and taught myself to program java plugins for Bukkit. I programmed the plugin that basically ran the entire roleplay mode, Roleplay Engine, it had a system for character cards with name, age, race, nation and that kind of stuff, the plugin also took care of the chat and formatting. I made that plugin available to the public and it has been downloaded around 1200 times.

At this point I was near to my highschool graduation and had to think about what kind of education I wanted to do. I decided I wanted to take my knowledge of programming further and quickly got to the conclusion that I wanted to program Games. So I enrolled at the Hanze University in the Game Design and Development course. But this education had very little focus on programming and a lot of focus on Game Design and research, so after half a year I decided that I would go down a level to vocational education to specialise in game programming and started the Game Development education at the Roc Friese Poort, which is a 3-year education with a project-based educational structre the focus lays on programming and delivering a working game at the end of each semester.

Beside my education as game developer I have a job at a pet and garden store called Welkoop in my hometown Heerenveen. I work there as a sales representative for around 11 hours in a week. I have worked at welkoop for 4 years now and after 3 years they gave me a permanent contract. Over those 4 years I learned a lot about pets and also a lot about how to take proper care of your garden and plants.

Like nearly everyone in the game industry one of my biggest hobbies is gaming. I am not really a competitive gamer, I can really enjoy RPG games with a good story line. My favourite game is Skyrim and with that it's also my passion to work on games like Skyrim. Other hobbies are hiking and cycling through nature, swimming in lakes in the summer and fishing with some friends on a lazy sunday